HDMI till usb hona?

Jag har beställt en monitor lampa, men saknar usb på skärmen, men finns de adapter från HDMI till usb hona? Så den får el på så vis ? :slight_smile: tänkte om jag var lite smart bara :wink:

Pin 18 supplies 5 volts for MHL applications.

HDMI is not generally intended to be used as a power supply, unless the port is marked as an MHL port. Then it can provide 5 volts to charge mobile devices while they are connected to the display.

Again, the voltage is 5 volts, and the current is 500mA for MHL 1 and 900mA for MHL 2 and 3.

On ports that are not marked as MHL ports, the supply is not expected to be more than 10mA, and this is mostly used for hotplug detection, although it can also feed things like format converters and inline amplifiers for long cable runs.

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