Hackathon för att lösa Coronaproblem

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Hack The Crisis är ett Hackathon som går av stapeln 3 april och håller på till 6 april.

Hack the Crisis

I vanliga fall möts folk upp för Hackathons men den här gången är fokus något helt annat och rekommendationerna i samhället är att vi ska ha hålla distansen till varandra. Därav kommer Hack The Crisis vara helt digitalt. Men den här gången är det inte enbart människor med kunskap inom kodning som har möjligheten att delta. Alla med idéer om hur corona-krisen ska lösas och underlättas med digitala medel kan delta.

Hackatonet har tre delar som är följande:

The Hack the Crisis Sweden is divided into three challenges and two tracks. The challenges are about what challenge you are trying to create a solution for, and the tracks are about how you are solving it.

Let’s start with the Challenges: Save lives, Save communities and Save businesses.

Save lives

Healthcare officials together with the medical industry are racing against the virus, trying to find new and better solutions. Could there be other (indirect) solutions to help individuals stay safe?

Save communities

Communities are struggling to keep their operations and communications running now that physical distancing is the new norm. How could the communities maintain their (online) communication and promote social solidarity?

Save businesses

COVID-19 is impacting businesses hard. Organizations find themselves struggling financially and many may have to lay off people. What kind of new revenue streams can businesses create on a tight schedule? Are there solutions to ensure that the aftermath of all of this goes smoothly?

The solution you and your team will hack on should fit in one of these challenges.

Hack the Crisis


Bakom Hack The Crisis står bland annat den svenska regeringen (DIGG – Government Agency for Digitalization).

– Sweden as a society is facing great challenges as a result of COVID-19. Therefore it is imperative that we mobilize all good forces there is to meet the challenges society face right now.
– I encourage each and everyone to sign up at www.hackthecrisis.se to contribute with digital solutions. Solutions can range from critical resources to support for isolated people.

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