Komma åt filer på Windows 10-partition utan lösenord

Alright, I am feeling stupid and scared… I have a Dell XPS laptop with Win10 (latest updates), and the service guy was here and replaced the motherboard. Bit locker was disabled on the drive. However, after booting up, the fingerprint login and PIN code was disabled, ie fallback to password which I cannot remember. If I can boot the machine up from eg windows 10 install USB or Linux USB, will it be possible to access the files on the disk (including in the My documents folder)?
Mvh Tobias

I have managed to do that with linux mint on a USB stick.

I have managed to reset the password now, through the normal password reset function…

Before that, I found Hiren’s BootCD PE and booted into that environment but when trying to reset the password with the tools available, the local disk was mounted as read-only. Not sure if that is some type of BIOS setting (have asked the support at Dell to clarify).

When I booted into Ubuntu Live environment, the local disk was not shown at all, probably caused by the same setting.

On the positive side of this: I learned about Hiren’s BootCD PE and I will never ever use the PIN code in Windows Hello again :slight_smile: