Använder du Google i kombination med IFTTT?

Från sajten:

I takt med att våra hem blir smartare används också fler tjänster för att få ut mer av våra hem. Kombinationen Google Assistant och IFTTT kan dock krångla för vissa användare.

Tjänsten IFTTT (If This Then That) är utmärkt för att utöka funktionalitet i våra smarta hem mellan produkter och tjänster som normalt sett inte alltid fungerar med varandra. Nu har integrationen mellan Google Assistant och IFTTT uppdaterats vilket innebär att en del tjänster (applets) kan sluta att fungera.

Dessutom flaggar Google för på en supportsida att en del funktionalitet kan försvinna. Aktiva användare har börjat få meddelanden om att titta närmare på supportsidan för att bli varse om de ändringar som är på gång (träder i kraft den 31 augusti 2022).

Det ser ut som att existerande Google Assistant applets kommer att arkiveras och att användarna behöver ansluta tjänsterna manuellt till varandra igen.

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Kom ett mail om det från IFTT för några dagar sen.

" This is an advance notice that on August 31, 2022 the Google Assistant service on IFTTT will be modified due to changes Google is requiring on their platform. Your existing Google Assistant Applets will be archived and your service connection information will be deleted.

We launched the new version of the Google Assistant service on IFTTT today and you can connect to it here. However, due to the platform changes that Google is requiring, there isn’t a direct migration path for your existing Applets. For more details on what is changing and how to reconnect, please see below or reference our blog post on the matter.

  • Existing custom trigger phrases like “OK Google, Blink the lights” will now need an additional trigger phrase like “OK Google, Activate Blink the lights.”
  • Authentication, which currently can be initiated by a user on the IFTTT website or mobile apps, will now only work on mobile devices and require the user to download the Google Home app and initiate from the “Works with Google” section under Settings.
  • Custom Google Assistant responses to the trigger phrases that have been setup by users through IFTTT are no longer supported.
  • Existing Google Assistant triggers that allow for variable input (example: Say a phrase with a number) will no longer be supported.

Like you, I was also an early adopter of the existing Google Assistant service on IFTTT and still use it daily for turning on lights and music in my home. Google Assistant Applets were one of those early magical experiences that hinted at the massive potential that voice interfaces and smart homes still have.

Millions of people have connected Google Assistant to IFTTT and enabled thousands of Applets, ranging from funny party tricks to helping increase accessibility within their smart home. I would like to personally apologize for any inconvenience this upcoming change may bring.

We will continue to work closely with the team at Google to make the new Google Assistant service as useful and easy to use as we can. While it’s always difficult to see existing functionality removed, I understand their desire to evolve the Google Assistant platform.

If you have any questions or feedback, we encourage you to share with the Google team at @MadeByGoogle. If you have specific questions or need assistance from our team, please open a support ticket here.

Linden Tibbets
IFTTT Founder and CEO"