Airplane Mode


Nu har jag stört mig på Airplane Mode i några iOS versioner förlänge… Skickat till Apple:

"Hi Apple!

When turning on Airplane Mode from the Control Center I strongly suggest that all users of iOS and iPad OS must be required to unlock the iPhone/iPad first.

Today the Control Center is set by default to be accessable even if the users have’nt unlocked the iPhone first, this is a security risk!, since Airplane Mode is accessible there.

I can choose to turn off Control Center from settings “Allow aceess when locked” which I always do on my devices and I tell everyone I know to do the same!

The Control Center is great!, to be able to reach functions fast, flashlight etc, without having to unlock, (even if Face-ID fast!) but Airplane Mode should promt the user to login first. Please Apple, fix this security risk!

Best Regards
UX & Graphic Designer"

Hoppas på svar! Tim är du där? :hugs:

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Det går även att stänga av eller sätta en iPhone i återställningsläge (DFU) utan att låsa upp den.